Here are some of the causes I support. I encourage you to at least check them out for yourself and decide whether or not you want to get involved.

1. Save Darfur: Around the country and across the globe, the Save Darfur Coalition is inspiring action, raising awareness and speaking truth to power on behalf of the people of Darfur. Working with world leaders, we are demanding an end to the genocide, and our efforts are getting results.

The key to our success is the millions of everyday citizens who have joined our movement. With you and other committed activists by our side, we will end the genocide.”




2. Environmental Defense Fund (EDF):


1967: A small group of scientists incorporates our organization as Environmental Defense Fund after winning a ban on the pesticide DDT, which was harming wildlife, especially birds of prey.

1970: EDF helps bring all hunted whales onto the U.S. endangered species list.

1977: Our campaign curbs the use of the hazardous flame retardant TRIS in children’s sleepwear.

1985: We help convince federal regulators to end the use of leaded gasoline.

1990: The Clean Air Act uses EDF’s innovative market-based approach to cut air pollution, leading to a 52% drop in acid rain between 1990–2008.

1991: McDonald’s accepts the recommendation of our joint task force, eventually eliminating more than 150,000 tons of packaging waste.

1995: We launch our Safe Harbor program to give landowners new incentives to protect endangered wildlife. Today more than four million acres of habitat are being protected.

1996: EDF helps the Panará Indians of Brazil win protection for their homeland, saving 1.2 million acres of Amazon rainforest.

2002: EDF helps win passage of California’s first-in-the-nation law to reduce global warming emissions from cars and trucks.

2004: Our partnership with Fed Ex puts hybrid electric trucks on the road. The new trucks cut smog-causing emissions by 65%, reduce soot by 96% and get 50% better mileage.

2006: Regulators approve EDF’s proposed management method, catch shares, to end commercial overfishing of red snapper in the Gulf of Mexico. Catch-share programs have made fisheries more sustainable while increasing
per-boat revenues by 80%.

2006: We help win permanent protection for a chain of pristine islands in Hawaii, forming the world’s largest marine reserve.

2007: Our hard-hitting campaign against the Texas utility TXU leads to a landmark buyout deal that blocks a new wave of dirty coal plants.

2008: EDF helps persuade the U.S. to cut diesel pollution from new oceangoing vessels by 80% or more. Our multi-year efforts also pay off in new EPA rules to curb diesel pollution from barges, ferries and trains.

2009: EDF is instrumental in House passage of an historic bill capping and reducing U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. EDF contributed five years of scientific and economic research, expert testimony in Congress and nonstop efforts to persuade undecided House members in 40 key districts to vote yes.

2009: We help win major reforms in California water law to provide water for California’s farms and growing population while leaving enough in rivers for wildlife. The New York Times called it the “most comprehensive” water package since the 1960s.



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